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Sofa covers are the ideal furnishing items to improve the decoration of your living room and bedroom. Sofas are star pieces of any living room because it's where you spend time with family, have a fun time with friends, or simply enjoy a peaceful rest alone or followed. That's why taking care of this piece is so important.

Functions of a sofa cover

Sofa covers fulfill two functions. They protect and extend the life of the sofa and give a chic touch to your living room space. Buying sofa covers online covers that fit like a glove has never been easier. A perfect sofa for all seasons, a warmer or cooler looking sofa, sofas that always seem new, improved living room decor on a budget. These are just a few of the advantages offered by the affordable sofa covers in our catalog.

High quality sofa covers at affordable price

Extend the life of your sofa set with the high-quality sofa covers that we have in our catalog. Don't miss the more than 100 different models and designs, ideal for keeping your sofa new for a long time or just improve it's the decor. You can find all kinds of designs created for all budgets and you can have your own designer sofa cover for just 10 US dollars.

Types of sofa covers

If you look at the content of this section, you will be able to observe the wide variety of types and designs of sofa covers for sale. But if you have any questions when choosing the most suitable one, here is a brief explanation of the models we have available for sale. Stretchable sofa covers: Stretchable models of sofa covers are best suited for all types of sofa sets. They can stretch and fit on almost all types of sofa chairs. Woven in cotton to give them softness, polyester to give them strength, and elastomer to make their stretching perfect, our sofa cover catalog, you can find various designs designed to combine with the rest of the decoration and completely protect the furniture Slip sofa covers: This type of cover does not completely cover the sofa, but if the parts that are most often abused, i.e. the seats, backrests, and armrests, leaving other parts of the sofa uncovered. It is also ideal for creating different color combinations. Also, you can easily put them on the sofa. Universal sofa covers: they are the most commonly used sofa covers. They cover the whole sofa and adapt to its shape, Thanks to a few ties on the armrest and backside.

Choose the right sofa cover for your living room

When choosing the sofa covers for your living room it is important that you consider certain guidelines to get the best result: Choose a good model: There are many models and colors of sofa covers and chairs available in online and offline stores. Simply choose the cover that best complements the style of decoration you have in your living room. Don't ignore the colors and fabric: After selecting the model you like the most, it's important that you don't leave out the choice of fabric and the color of the case. We recommend that you make combinations depending on the tapestry of your sofa, if it has any prints you can choose a unicolor cover, while if the sofa is a solid color you can opt for printed covers or a color that matches that of the sofa. Measure your sofa : Buying a sofa cover in the right color is very important, because it is of no use to you to choose a good looking cover and that it does not fit your sofa, so it is important that before ordering your next sofa cover from Festival Outlets you take full measurement of your sofa and make the right choice.

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