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A carpet or mat can add vibrant color to any room while protecting the floor from scratches, marks, and spills. There are many carpet designs and colors that you can choose from our catalog and add a layer of comfort and style to your rooms.

What is the difference between Carpet and Floor Mats?

Although many people use these two words equally, technically. Carpets and floor mats are different items. A mat refers to any type of floor covering below 6.5 feet in length. Carpets measure more than 6.5 feet and often cover the entire room. Mats can be made from many materials, while carpets are always made of fabric.

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Buy decorative rugs and place them in your bathroom, living room, bedrooms, or in front of the door; they serve to make your rooms look more vibrant, giving a warm touch to your home. Carpet mats can complement your room decor to give rustic or modern of your choice. Their colors can be matched with those of your furniture and other items to streamline the room design. Choose a modular carpet to protect your hardwood floor. For big rooms it's preferable to go for large models; you'll be able to walk barefoot, feeling the soft fibers of the fabric and relaxing your feet while you're at home. Avoid slipping in the shower! Find budget carpets and use them as a safety mat in the shower. At Festival outlets you can find mats made of non-slip rubbers, which prevent you from slipping when bathing.

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Check out the carpet and floor mat catalog and look for the designs of your choice. In our store, you'll find amazing models to place in various rooms in your home.

What are the Carpets and floor mats made of?

There are many different mat materials and each has its advantages. • Wool: Most traditional handcrafted carpets use wool because it is soft, retains heat well and can be woven, knotted or made in beautiful designs. • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that is good for making lighter and richer woven carpets. • Synthetic fibers: Synthetic fiber carpets are easy to clean and do not fade easily in the sun. Synthetic materials can be used to create lots of interesting textures, such as those seen on luxurious mats.

Carpets and floor mats in vibrant designs

You have many options to choose from when selecting a patterned carpet style, such as: • Floral • Persian • Diamond • In the boxes • Medallion • Geometric • Abstract • Striped Choose your favorite carpet from our catalog and place the order with just few clicks.

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