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We all dream of making our bedroom a cozy place. Which is logical, since we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping! So, here we offer you the best tips for buying the best quilt covers for your quilt so that you're able to sleep and relax without worrying about the cold in winters.

Quilt covers: What kind of fabric to choose from?

Good bedding is essential for a restful sleep, so a set of quality sheets, made in a refined fabric, is recommended. Depending on your tastes, you can choose a Quilt natural fabric cover. Pure cotton is available year-round: in winter. It adapts to body temperature and keeps heat. In summer, it absorbs moisture. Keep in mind that the snug the fabric, the softer and stronger the quilt cotton cover will be. Cotton quilt covers are easy to clean. It has a smooth appearance for a feeling of well-being. Finally, the cotton covers are soft fabric, comfortable in both summer and winter. Flannel, originally made of wool, is nowadays usually made of cotton. Its soft-touch makes it a very pleasant product. The flannel quilt cover is famous for being fresh in summer and warm and cozy in winter. This natural and superior fabric guarantees adequate thermal regulation and remains soft throughout the wash. The combination of silk and cotton is healthy and absorbent, fresh in summer and warm in winter. The Quilt Bamboo Cover is made of a comfortable and natural antibacterial fabric.

Synthetic Quilt Covers:

There are also fabrics based on synthetic fabrics: the Quilt polyester microfabric cover is lightweight, breathable, and able to drain moisture. Easy to maintain, no ironing required. If you are undecided on which synthetic quilt covers to buy, the combination of polyester and cotton is the best choice.

How to get the measurements of your quilt cover right?

Before buying the Quilt cover, start by choosing a proper Quilt fill size. It should be wider than the Quilt so that it is about 25 to 50 cm beyond the edges. After that, it all depends on the thickness of the quilt and your preferences. Once you've chosen the filling thickness of your quilt, the quilt cover remains to be chosen. A cover that is too small will compress the quilt and be uncomfortable; on the contrary, too large a model will leave space, and the heat will be lost. The quilt cover must conform to the filling and doesn't leave any space.

Style of Quilt Covers:

Regarding colors for your quilt cover, remember to keep the balance with the color of the room. If the walls are already colored, keep the harmony with bedsheets with soft colors: beige, pink, or pearl gray. On the contrary, in a light-colored environment, add a touch of color. You can choose between red, indigo blue or very elegant violet in a double bedroom. To make sure a comfortable sleep, the choice of colors is essential: pastel tones or cold colors favor relaxation. For a children's room, choose Quilt covers with kid-friendly illustrations: with the cartoon, heroes, or animals. A smooth cotton quilt cover with simple, thin stripes guarantees a timeless and calm unisex style.

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