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Bed linen for the bedroom of your home. Blankets, Nordic covers, sheets, quilts, cushions for your bed... Wide offer. Shop online with free shipping. Buy bed linen for your home online at Festival outlet What is bedding? Bed linen is not only pajamas, but we also include countertop, and bottom sheets, Nordic covers, Nordic fillings, bed covers, quilts, duvets, pillowcases, mattress protectors.... What materials are our bedding? Nordic covers, sheets and pillowcases are the pieces that are always in contact with our body, so we should pay close attention to their composition, both for comfort and environmental reasons. Cotton bedding is the most convenient for our skin. Being made of natural cellulose fiber, makes it more breathable. is an excellent thermal insulator and absorbs the heat of the body without problems. The only drawback we could find is the usual wrinkles and the extra ironing that you have to give to make them spotless. Other bed pieces, such as duvets or quilts, can be made with a cotton part and synthetic fiber padding, or 100% polyester, to make maintenance easier. The Nordic fillers can differentiate them by those that are composed of bird downs, which are lighter and provide more insulation and perspiration capacity; and synthetics, made of polyester are treated to preserve the inner fiber in perfect condition and providing optimal performance. Why buy bed linen for your home in Festival outlet? At La Mallorquina we offer you a wide assortment of bedding with designs inspired by the latest fashion trends. Our collections combine tradition and innovation equally. Whatever your style, you can decorate your bedroom with a special touch What measures do we have? You have considered the size of your bed to choose the size of the bedding that best suits: available for single beds (bed 80, 90cm and 105cm), double beds (beds of 135, 150 and 160cm) and extra large beds (beds of 180 and 200cm - 270x270cm). If you have questions about what size is yours, you can consult our size guide. Basic bed linen care Some essential care must be considered to keep them properly Nordic covers, sheets and pillowcases must be washed regularly, between once a week or at most every 15 days, so we will avoid being in contact with mites and bacteria that accumulate with the passage of night. Nordic fillers if we air it a little every morning so that it loses moisture accumulated at night, you will only need it washed once a season. It is important that we make sure that we will be able to dry it well and there is no moisture left inside, this could spoil them. Quilts and duvets are not bed pieces to be washed regularly. Usually it would be enough to aerate them. You have to avoid the accumulation of dust and always keep them dry. Wash them with an appropriate program and temperature to preserve the properties of the fibers and prevent them from spoiling. We will use mild detergents and wash at low temperature. Wash them with a suitable program and temperature to preserve the properties of fibers and prevent them from spoiling, use mild detergents and never at very high temperatures Remember to always check the product label because it may require some special care. Our bedding is designed so you can combine it with cushion covers, decorative cushions, plaids, blankets,... You will see that changing a few pieces, any simple bedroom will be completely transformed.

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