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Is this your first time buying a sofa and couch covers? If so, you will surely have some questions about how to choose the right sofa and couch covers or how to buy in Festival Outlets. That's why we've thought about helping you by explaining step by step everything you have to do to choose the right sofa cover. We've also added a couple of tricks that will help you take the most out of the web and get maximum information, as well as a realistic view of everything on it. Thus, we are sure that buying a sofa cover will be a simple, enjoyable and satisfying experience because, when it gets home, you will have exactly what you were looking for and it will look like a glove on your sofa, fitting perfectly with the rest of the elements of the living room.

What kind of couch do you have?

The first step when you're going to choose a sofa and couch covers is to know what kind of sofa you have. It is not the same to buy covers for a chaise longue than for a three-piece, and in most covers, those that are designed for one style of furniture will not adapt to another, as there are many variations at stake. Normally, you'll have classic two- or three-seater sofas, click-clack sofas and chaise longues. To make it easier to buy in, Festival Outlets is divided into sections depending on the type of sofa for which you want to buy the cover. So, just go to the right category and start selecting easily. In all categories there are different options to make it easy to find what suits not only the furniture, but also the tastes of each person and the room in which it will be placed.

Don't forget to measure your couch

Once you're clear about which section you need to look for your couch cover, it's up to you to measure the furniture to make sure you're buying the right thing. In the tab of each covers you will find its measurements, which will help you to know which part of your sofa you have to consider. In most covers, it will be worth measuring the width of the furniture, but in some covers you will have to measure only the backrest and in others also the arms, depending on the shape of the cover. Take the time you need to measure and remember that one of the advantages of buying from your online home is that there is no hurry. There's no one waiting for your decision, so you can calmly measure and perform all the checks you need, until you're absolutely sure you've chosen the right product.

A couch cover style that suits your living room

Now, you know the type of holster you want and also the measure of it. You have to choose the model and color. There are more practical models; others a little more elegant, loose, or elastic. Choose with your sofa model in mind, the one you like the most for your living room that fits perfectly with the rest of your décor. When choosing the model of the covers, keep in mind that while some may seem practically the same to you, they are not. The fabric may be different. Read the features and composition and something important: If you hover over the photograph of the cover on the web, you will be able to see an augmented image of the fabric so that you see its drawing and get a very rough idea of what it is like. In choosing the color you have to keep in mind that the resolution of the screen, the brightness it has and its quality can slightly influence the tone you are seeing. Therefore, always try to buy a screen that you know is true to colors. In covers of doubt, you can view the product from a computer and from your phone to get an idea of whether there may be significant variations, especially if the exact tone is important to you.

Covers for all types of sofa

If you have a sofa that doesn't fit the standard shapes or sizes, don't worry, we're sure to find the right one for yours. Contact our customer service department and tell us your needs; you will see how it is easier than you think and the cost will not be as high as you imagine. Need a special cover for your sofa? Do not hesitate to tell us your specifications and we will do everything in our power to get you the cover that your sofa needs: the perfect one regarding size, fabric and so on.

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