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Top ways to choose the right rugs for your home
by festivaloutlets
Sep 28, 2022 / 0 comments

Area rugs play a huge part in lifting the room’s decorative character. 

Don’t you think your living room looks incomplete without a rug? Believe it or not but they have the supremacy to bind a room as well as transform any living space smoothly.

Yes, rugs are true saviors. They not only change the mood of your room but also offer incessant practical benefits – from warming up your room to muting the noise. And, nothing can beat rugs for their treasure full of textures, color options, and patterns – and not to mention wiggle – your –toes comfort. 

But with so many options available, finding the best one can be like trying to solve a puzzle.

Here we have discussed the top ways so you can choose the right rugs for your home– 


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Determine the Size 

Before planning to purchase a rug, it is important to look after the room’s obstructions first. Start with the practical, and then decorative mechanics of your home. Also, consider these below-mentioned architectural details into account before shopping the rugs.  


  • Do you have a fireplace where you have to deal with a hearth?
  • Are your door swings and doorways obstructive?
  • Do you have any floor grille for HVAC?


Also, choose a rug that is proportionate in size to space. If a rug is too small, it will create a fragmented and disconnected look. On the other hand, a too-large rug will unnecessarily overwhelm the space. 

So tip for the day is -when you buy rugs online, note that it reaches underneath all four feet of all the furniture. 


Color Selection 

Colors show the aura of a space to a large extent. Therefore, choose a color that complements the interior of your room. However, the selection of the color of rugs majorly depends upon the type of furniture you have – all wood or metal.

Dark-colored rugs give a warmer and cozy feeling while light-colored rugs make your room look spacious. And lastly, you can always choose black and white carpets – your last resort. These colors add a contemporary look to your room. 


Consider Indoor-Outdoor Options

Got a pretty verandah or porch you would like to jazz up? Rugs are effective to do so. So if you are looking for rugs for your outdoor patio, choose a dark color that’s easily washable. 

Also if stains and spills from pets and children are your major concern, select a rug made from synthetic material like polypropylene, or solution-dyed acrylic. These rugs are very soft and appealing. 

Top ways to choose the right rugs for your home Festival Outlets - Buy Best Home Decor Fabrics in Australia

Selecting rugs based on the shape

Rugs are extensively used to add exquisiteness to your room. They not only provide an ornamental element but also give your place a sophisticated touch when you choose the right shape. A round area rug suits perfectly with curved or circular set up furniture like beds, and round tables.

Rectangular and square-shaped rugs look superior with similarly shaped furniture set up. It gives more of a formal feel and adds value to your personality.  


Choose basic and natural rugs 

Many a time people prefer basic rugs for home. They rank top for their unmatched versatility. Natural rugs look extremely perfect with any style of furniture. If you have bold furniture with bright colors and patterns, you can still go with the basic carpets or rugs. 

Natural rugs can be a game changer if you live with your furry friends and children. They are super durable and can stand still even in high-traffic or footfall areas.

Such carpets are so cost-effective that you can switch them up seasonally or frequently to give a new look to your living space. You can also buy carpets online to explore the varieties of rugs at the best price options. 


Selecting your proper space 

Rugs are something that will define your space. Therefore select rugs that amp up the room design. 

The size of the rugs often depends on the place where you are planning to put them. For instance, you may put small-size rugs outside the doorsteps of commonplaces like a kitchen, living room or bedroom. 

Also, if your room is big and spacious then you can place the rug in the center part of the room. This will give an opulent look to your room. 


Select the pattern

A patterned or plain rug brings vitality to your living space. Select rugs with the same pattern just as the area rug or any other element like a cushion or wall panel to create a statement look. 

However, if you want to avoid too many repetitive patterns, choose similar patterns with a unique scale that creates a visual hierarchy in your room. 

Are you looking for modern rugs in abstract prints and contemporary art deco-inspired styles? Shop the best quality rugs from Festival Outlets now! 

Top ways to choose the right rugs for your home Festival Outlets - Buy Best Home Decor Fabrics in Australia

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