Round Handcrafted Woven Carpet 

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Product Details

Round Handcrafted Woven Carpet

Experience the allure of our Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat, a truly remarkable addition to your home. Meticulously handcrafted, this sand scraping rug goes beyond mere functionality; it is a piece of artistry that transforms your entrance into a welcoming haven. Here’s why you should embrace this exceptional creation.

Key Features:

  • Hand-Woven Artistry: Each rug is crafted with dedication and skill by our artisans, resulting in a unique masterpiece.
  • Round Design: Its round shape is a refreshing departure from conventional rectangular mats, adding a touch of elegance to your entrance.
  • Effective Dust Removal: The wire loop footpad excels at removing dirt and sand from shoes, ensuring your home remains clean.
  • Nonslip Assurance: Your safety is paramount. The nonslip backing keeps the rug securely in place, preventing slips and falls.


Bringing the Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat into your home carries numerous benefits:

  • Artisanal Beauty: The hand-woven craftsmanship imparts a unique charm that mass-produced rugs cannot match.
  • Distinct Entrance: The round design of the mat makes a memorable statement, transforming your entrance into a memorable and inviting space.
  • Cleaner Interiors: With its sand scraping capability, you can bid farewell to dust and dirt being tracked into your home.

Our Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat epitomizes artistry, functionality, and elegance. It stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of our artisans who pour their hearts into creating a piece of beauty for your home. The round shape distinguishes it from traditional rectangular mats, turning your entrance into a unique and inviting space. Beyond aesthetics, this rug plays a vital role in maintaining your interior’s cleanliness. The wire loop footpad is expertly designed to remove sand, dust, and dirt, ensuring your home remains a haven of cleanliness.

Why Choose Our Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat:

  1. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our hand-woven rugs are not just products; they are a testament to the artistry and skill of our craftsmen.
  2. Unique Design: The round shape sets it apart, giving your entrance an inviting and unique character.
  3. Efficient Cleanliness: The wire loop footpad is designed to scrape off dirt and sand effectively, helping you maintain a cleaner home.

Every time you step onto our Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat, you connect with the craftsmanship and dedication of the artisans who crafted it. This rug motivates you to appreciate the beauty of handmade products and the uniqueness they bring to your home. It’s a reminder that practical items can also be beautiful and that first impressions matter. As your guests step onto this distinctive mat, it sets the tone for the warm and inviting atmosphere they are about to enter.


The Hand-Woven Round Welcome Mat is more than just a rug; it’s a work of art that brings elegance, functionality, and cleanliness to your doorstep. The artistry of hand-woven craftsmanship, the distinctive round design, and the sand-scraping footpad make it the ideal addition to your entrance. Step into a cleaner and more inviting home with our rug. Shop now to experience the beauty of handmade artistry.




Round Handcrafted Woven Carpet 

Item Specifics
 Machine weaving
 Northern Europe
texture of material:
 45cm in diameter
 Living room, bedroom, study room, commercial space
Applicable scenario:
 Mainland China
 100% Cotton
Pattern Type:
Age Group:
Wash Style:
 Mechanical Wash,Hand Wash

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